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Repelling and Eliminating Snails and Slugs From Your Home Vegetable Garden

Snails and slugs affect just about everything you can grow in your home vegetable garden.

They are both slimy, and to keep that moist outer texture they need a nice moist environment and that includes feeding off soft tissues of your vegetable plants.

You may find a snail or slug during the day, but most likely you will find them at night eating away. They are nocturnal creatures, so dust off that flashlight because you are going to need it.

They could literally eat or destroy all of the vegetables in your garden before you get a chance to sink your teeth into one of those juicy tomatoes. If don’t want to become a victim and want to stay ahead of the game here are some things you can do to repel slugs and snails from your home vegetable garden.

When the sun goes down, the snails and slugs come out to eat and that is exactly the time you should be hitting your garden with a flashlight and some table salt. Snails and slugs are slimy and must remain moist in order to stay alive. When you see one in the garden, pour some table salt on them and watch them shrivel up. Three to four sprinkles may be all you will need for smaller snails, use more on the larger ones.
OK so maybe drying them out is not your thing.

The next thing you can do is fill a coffee can with soapy water, hit your garden at night with your trusty flashlight and pick them up by hand and drop them into the can. The soapy water will kill them.

If you are using raised beds for your garden, you can tack on some strips or pieces of copper on the outside. The copper will serve the snails and slugs an electric shock, deterring them from entering your raised bed garden.

These are just three ways you can repel snails and when you combine all three methods you are increasing your chances of a snail and slug free home vegetable garden.